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Monday, Feb 10 2003 | 16:15

Atlanta’s Chris Brann has been in the business for 10 years now. He had several hit singles on the now defunct Strictly Rhythm imprint (“King Of My Castle”), his Ananda Project is signed to King Street/Nite Grooves and he has been releasing music on labels such as Peacefrog, Acacia, Prescription, Guidance or Jus’ Trax/Junior Boy’s Own – just to mention a few.

In 1999, Chris Brann did his first record for California’s prolific Ubiquity label. With P’taah, he wanted to escape the house formula. The P’taah full length debut “Compressed Light” was a daring and adventurous piece of music. “Staring At The Sun”, Brann’s new Ubiquity album to be released in late March, is picking up the jazz influences by 70s Miles Davis and Herbie Hancock recordings. But compared to its predecessor, it does things in a more straightforward way. Among the featured vocalists is Sylvia Gordon from the New York based group Kudu.

“The thing about ‘Compressed Light’ was that I was intellectually charged to see if I could do it,” Brann explains. “To break all the rules that I had set for myself doing more house-related projects. It was, in a way, a reaction to those limitations. I think with ‘Staring At The Sun’ I’ve reached a different paradigm in that I’ve turned off that action/reaction mechanism and am now able to cultivate things in a more honest way.”

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