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Monday, Jan 20 2003 | 12:47

Although it might seem that we at Spectrum Works are a little bit lazy in our release policy, we were pretty busy in 2002 to prepare an even stronger 2003 for all the vinyl hungry masses out there. We got a couple of nice goodies coming up, trying to reinforce the idea of genre-less music, to understand music as a whole and, by the way, expanding our “evolution in standard”-idea:

The Karma boys are back in the studio, working on a soundtrack for a german movie production, which is supposed to debut in late 2003 in all major theatres across Europe. But, since we are in the final stages of negotiations, we can’t reveal the complete details. In the meantime enjoy our rerelease of Karma’s debut “Pad Sounds”, remastered, repackaged and stuffed with bonus tracks and alternative versions of Karma’s freeform
funk. For almost 5 years out of print, Karma’s “Loft” classsic “Highpriestess” (written by Robert Nacken) will be available again as a bonus track to the album, as well as a seperate 12″ release, since most people regard it as an out-of-print classic from the late 70’s. Due to popular demand, “Highpriestess” will be available again, remastered and beefed up to meet today’s sound standards. Maybe ID magazine put it best to describe Karma’s sound: “Redefining the art of polyrythmic relaxation”!

“Highpriestess” author Robert Nacken just returned from a succesfull south american tour with Burnt Friedman’s New Dub Players, featuring drum legend Jaki Liebezeit and Mr. Atom Heart Uwe Schmidt, with plans of yet again another tour with Burnt’s Flanger project lined up for spring 2003. In the meantime Robert is working on soundtracks for german TV, as well as completing his new productions for Spectrum Works. His debut for Spectrum Works “Majomin” is still getting worldwide attention, being played by Joe Claussel, Gilles Peterson, Les Gammas and United Future Organisation, to name just a few, but wait for his new compositions, taking musical elegance to the next level and feeding his reputation as a producer of music with a timeless quality. Gifted DJ Marcus Worgull is a busy man these days. After a couple of remixes for various labels, check his latest remix work for Westpark Unit featuring Victor Davies, creating a souled out boogie club tune for the discerning music lover: classy!

Besides Marcus is working on tracks for our upcoming Spectrum Workers series, which is a limited edition 12″ series focusing on club orientated “genreless” music by Spectrum Works artists, like Kabuki, Robert Nacken and Einzelgänger (Kabuki’s Lars Vegas’ post d&b productions), as well as befriended artists from all directions. These friends include hip hop producer Fat Jon (of 5 Deez fame), to showcase his love for uptempo non-Hip Hop music. As well as Ame from Karlsruhe, who, after releases on Dixon’s Recreation label, finally get the props they deserve, with remix work lined up for Titonton Duvante and other soul searchers out there. Metro Area watch out!

After his very first production “Far Away Places” was warmly welcomed on our second edition of our “Folky” compilaiton series, classically trained jazz musician Pascal Schäfer is busy at home, diving deep into the waters of Logic Audio, to meet his and our standards of music production. Expect freeflow minimal music spiced with Pascal’s vast knowledge of authentic jazz and exotic sensibilities.Watch out for his upcoming remixes in the Spectrum Workers series. Not forgetting our in-house magician Kabuki, who as a string of big tunes lined up for release on Spectrum Works, expanding the combination of drum & bass production knowledge with his musical education as a classically trained jazz guitarist. Collabo’s with soul singer Venus Malone and Cleveland Watkiss are imminent as well as a resurrection of his open.minded Megashira project. All this and more on Spectrum Works in 2003…. to expand the idea of “evolution in standard”.

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