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Wednesday, Jan 08 2003 | 18:16

All fans of the illminded sound prepare for a busy 2003! After finishing the 10 city tour with Grand Agent and Group Home across central europe Dudley Perkins aka Declaime stayed with us for a couple of more days, got busy in Kut-L’s studio with the fellas and let us hear the hot shit he got on deck!

To follow his latest release “Still Waters” on Hum Drums which is in stores since Novemeber 2002 is Kanzulu & Declaime’s “Government” 12″ on B9000. “Government” will hit the streets in late february and features “Love Of Cash” as well as the beautiful instrumental treat “Microphone Moonlight Stroll” by Kan Kick on the b-side. Check out the cover and find out why the Mad Men are still mad! Further Declaime will release his sophomore album-not-album release “The Unheardof” which consists of new, hard to find, compilation and feature material to introduce those strictly-cd heads to some of his overlooked recordings. The 12″ to support the CD will feature an Oh No produced banger with Grand Agent & Lil Dap of Group Home kickin additional rhymes.
The highlight for this season though will undoubtedly be his long awaited Dudley Perkins album which he just completed recording at The Bomb Shelter with Madlib. Look out for Dudley Perkins & The Drunk Uncles “A Little Light” to be in stores sometime in 2003. The first single “Money, Money” will most likely hit the stores in spring accompanied by what is promissing to be a very appropriate piece to throw in the middle of those rotating trademark styled videos on MTV, BET and the likes.

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2003 will also see Declaime taking more executive duties dropping several releases on his Illmindmuzik imprint. Wanna Battle’s King Solomon’s 12″ “Fine Thin Line” is in stores and is followed by the “Solstice EP” in february. Production by PremeOhio & Fat Jon. Further Declaime is putting together a “Illmindmuzik” compilation with a first 12″ by The Infamous MC & Oh No b/w Wildchild ready to go. His sister Taboo aka Mikiea Tyese is currently in the studio with Kan Kick and Oh No preparing to make moves later in the year.

The list ain’t over yet but we’ll let you find out more about further features, compilation tracks and treats yourself!

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