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Please give us some infos about the solid pack label, who’s involved, what were your releases so far, what’s next. Please give us a small picture.

“Well, the label started out over a year ago. It’s mainly run by me, boris a.k.a h.r. minute, who does excellent mixtapes and tom who owns the studio, where we mostly mix and master our stuff. But to be honest, every artist is or can be involved in the label, they can take care of their own releases or leave it up to me. It is actually up to them. There is always a way to put that in figures too. Somehow most of them don’t want to do that (whatever).
Our releases so far weren’ t too many. We put out four 12es. The first one was Kamillion`s full metal jacket. Me and him, we put out some singles on other labels and we also have a crew called Abstract Art. The second single was my german crew 4:1. And anybody recognizing the sample on the a-side can get a copy for free. 4:1 is me producing the tracks , h.r. minute and roger rekless on the mic and Al rock is the deejay. Roger rekless used to be the dj for raptile and he is an excellent dj and an allround musician, but he is also one of the best flowing mc’s around. We are family. Now the third single was mingus and milhouse. That’s from these 2 dudes i met who gave me a demo and kamillion was on one of the tracks, i liked it a lot, so we put it out. But go and check it out yourself, it didn’ t do too well in the sales. The 4th release was my own record called Soundclash featuring Planet Asia, Pep love from the hieroglyphics and Blabbwona, the other mc in abstract art. That’s what’s out so far, the next things lined up are Blabbwonas tracks. We are not sure about the format yet since we have so many tracks together. First off it’s gonna be a single called Elite Fleetsfor sure, and after that an album or an ep. We’ll see. The Abstract art album is supposed to be out in october. My second single is due out soon, it’s called the Scientist and it’s a track i did with Grand Agent. Also lined up are the Intrudaz, a full length album in the same manner of Dj Shadow or RJD2. As well as an Skateboard/Snowboard compilation called Tricknology which i will select. The Video to that compilation is called Heavy hitters and will be out late october and it’s gonna be a free giveaway for the shops. Groove Attack will have a large stock of videos. The compilation should be out by christmas. Me and Grand Agent are working on more stuff and Planet Asia is gonna come over soon. Then we are gonna get down on some ideas as well. I guess that’s about it.”

Your stuff sold well in japan and also a bit in the states. did you guys get any reaction on your releases?

“Well yes, we got great reactions from all over the place. It’s amazing to see where people can get a hold on your record. I had this one guy from the states asking where we’re at. Never even figuering out that we are from over here. People are still sending responses to the releases from everywhere. Obviously they don’t get it at the same time. But anyone wanting to contact me here’s my e-mail: Here’s another one: a friend of mine from tokyo told me that my latest record is sold out in all of tokyo, so i had to send him a record myself. Somehow that`s bizarre having your record up on the wall in some countries you have never even been to.”

How did the abstract art crew hook up? Not all of you are from munich.

“Well actually it grew than us connecting. We knew each other for some time and were all hanging out together one way or another. Then i decided to do my first solo 12 after producing so much for Blabbwona and Kamillion. That was 3 men in a bar, the first abstract single. That was the first song where i came up with a concept, a hook and everything else. Blab and Kamillion liked it so much that we decided to make that contallation a crew, instead of my solo. Well Blabb is the only one who’s not from munich, but we see us at least like every second week.”

The album tracks got a lot of concepts. Who comes up with all the ideas?

“Blabb and me, i’d say it’s 50/50. We are both comic book addicts and we both watch alot of bizarre movies. I think concept tracks are a good way to escape from the spitgame’s monotony. Basically you can rhyme about everything, but people just won’t do it, cause theyre too scared or something, or they don’t wanna look uncool. It’s a mental thing.”

Abstract art joined a germany tour with pep love, planet asia and mr.lif. How was it and how did the people liked your show.

“We had brilliant reactions and the people enjoyed the show as much as evreybody else on the tour did. Lif was bugging out over that narcolepsis track. We did a second part to that joint, which you’ll find on Blabbwona’s Elite Fleet 12. We are trying to hook up a 2nd tour for blabbwona’s solo and maybe a couple of solid pack shows where we all can perform. If you have 4 of us at a show you already have like 3 different acts, depending on the contellation.”

What was that mingus & milhouse release about? .

“Like i said these two dudes gave me a demotape and i liked it. These two are some real freaks. They said they were working on more material. So far i’ve heard some of the stuff and this time it’s pure headz music. I like it even better. As soon as they have new material i’ll put it out.”

You also work along with jan of poets of rhythm.

“See everybody knows Jan as a musician, they are signed to quanuum mc’s, linked to ninja tune and all that. But he’s still only known as a live funk musician, but he makes excellent beats. I’d say in the manner of edan and early 90`ies stuff. We have a couple of tracks together, but we are not happy yet and yes that will definitely come out.”

You got a bunch of good dj’s in munich. The plastic jugganots are good friends of yours. Wassup with this dudes?

“Two of them, namely Roger Rekless and Hr. Minute are putting that Intrudaz album together. I am looking forward to release that. Dj Al Rock is on some new 4:1 stuff, along Roger, Minute and me. As for the other two i don’t really know, what or if they are up to anything.”

You’re in the vinyl business for a while now and finally you opend up your own recordstore. How is it goin so far? The market is fucked up at the moment.

“You said it. We opened Summit Records just at the right time, when the market started fucking up. But we are still doing alright and actually better then we can expect. Therefore i am really surprised to see how good our (solid pack) records are doing during this wack time. I even did like a commercial track for the shop. It’s a track with 4:1, Blumentopf, Abstract Art, David Pe from main concept and Dj Hype on it. Still haven’t decided if or how i am gonna put it out. I’d like to make it a free giveaway for the shop. Let’s see.”

What kind of sound can people expect when they come to your shop?

“We got two large sections: Hip hop and house music. My partner linus, who is one of germany’s first house-dj’s, is doing the house thing, while i am of course working on the hip hop side of things. But we don’t limit ourselves, we sell everything we like. You know how much of a variety you have to offer to make it somewhat exciting for the customer. Of course we have rare grooves, headz music, drum & bass but also soundtracks, reggae and even 2nd hand country records. “

Can i get me a nice country record, too???? What’s your favorite??

“It started out as a joke, like most things do, when i stumbled across some old country records in a 2nd hand shop. I liked the covers so much because they were so freaked out, i just had to get them. After listening to them i actually found a couple of songs that i really liked. I started diggin deeper. That stuff really sounded like the old al green stuff that i have been listening to for many years. I found out that on my favourite al green record 6 out of 9 songs were cover versions of old country songs. Here’s where the music connects. Of course you have a lot of wack stuff, but you got that everywhere. But it’s not only country it’s also or especially old folkmusic. Oh and my favourite is anything by Don Williams or Mary Stuart. But my favourite song is the Darkness by Johnny Cash. Rick Rubin produced that one.”

You sample that stuff, right??

“Yes i do.”

I heard you infected all your friends with country music and you all go bowling all the time. Is that true?

“That’s true too. Bowling is just so much fun, but we are there for the competition. This year i was working for the red bull academy and they invited egon from stones throw, tony from attica blues, klaus from fm4 and a whole bunch of other people and i’d say out of all the nights we had, the one where we went bowling was the funniest one. We all got so fucked up, i don’ t even remember coming home. No, but for real we have a team called the bowlshewiki and we play in some local league.”

Got yourself some cowboyboots yet?

“You don’t get no real ones over here.”

I dont know what to ask anymore. Wanna say something?

“Watch out for the Intrudaz ,blabbwona, chrome and grand agent as well as the tricknology compilation. Had to say that.”

Please give a short statement to following keywords and then we out, okay?

Munich: place where we dwell

zoidberg: keep futurama alive. My favourite show. My fave character.

dj linus: makin records by the dozen on his very own exun label. summit

stones throw: a driving force in hip hop.

kölsch: i ‘ll drink any beer,anytime , any place. You name it pal.

j-zone: puttin comedy back in hip hop, a bottle of whup ass was the shiznit

yoda: don’t remember anything else from episode2, my mentor for many years

broccoli: Noisy stylus and adlib, i hear they don’t like broccoli.

terry callier: the right soundtrack to get it on with your lady

i have a dream: but i mma damn sure keep it to myself

bog stari: bog stobom i svim nasima

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