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Please introduce yourself and tell us a little bit about the beginning of the Noisy crew.

Dynamike: Tre Styles and Adlib met in 1997 and then formed the two-man team called Noisy Stylus. In 1999 Tobeyer officially joined them after visiting Lifeforce’s dj workshops where he got to know Tre Styles. I met Tre at a friend’s house and than I later recognized him at the DMC-Germany Battle in 2000. We went to my place after the eliminations and chilled a little. He liked the way I juggled at that time and asked me to become the fourth member.

Your first release was the “Noisy Breaks” battle tool LP on Beatz aus der Bude, your latest 12 Broccoli Wars is more of a listening record.

Tre Styles: “Broccoli Wars” is about the well known fact that kids hate to eat their vegetables, especially broccoli. In our song the parents force their kids to eat their broccoli until they get kinda sick. After investigating the broccoli, they discover that evil broccoli-aliens plan to take over the world. A war between humans and those aliens follows, yadda, yadda, yadda…

How did you hook up with DJ Lifeforce from Beatz aus der Bude.

Tobeyer: Tre Styles and myself used to spend a lot of time at Lifeforce’s dj workshops. That’s how we met and from there we just kept in touch.

You also had the chance to do a video.

Adlib: Yeah, Tobeyer knew two friends that studied that kind of stuff and they offered to do a little filming and the whole editing. They also animated the space-fight during the third verse. We threw some of our own material in and filmed some new stuff. The whole broccoli eating scenes and such. No budget though, just for the fun of it. (check:

What are you working on right now ?

Tre Styles: We just finished the work on our next break-record, which is called Stylus Breaks and will be released later this year.

Everybody is doing tapes. What about you ?

Tobeyer: Adlib just released a solo-tape called Tales from the Tablist, Dynamike is working on a tape with the 1 zu 1 Soundsystem. As a team we did some team-tracks for tapes as the Superrappin 2-Tape by Kut-L & Adlib and the Metro-Arts-Tape by Spill & Sir Cut. We have some team-stuff on Adlib’s Solo-Tape and Tre Styles and Adlib also did the Double Impact tape back in 1999 which had some team-stuff on it as well.

Are you also working with MCs ?

Adlib: Tre and myself did some tracks with several MCs from Homebase and we also did a track for the new Lenny album Fight Club.

Do you work with other turntable crews ?

Tobeyer: I am working on a scratch-practise-cd with M-Tech for Stylus Wars and we might also do some stuff with Belgium’s Killa Tactics.

Turntablism has developed to a level that seems to be untopable. What do you think will come in the future, any ideas?

Tobeyer: When it comes to scratching, there’s almost no limit I think. You can always come up with new combos or just vary the way you use ˜em. Also there will always be development of new techniques.

Do you guys do shows or a tour?

Dynamike: Yeah, we just had some gigs with some artists from our label and a show in Duisburg with Masta Ace and after that there’s a showcase at a dj-battle in belgium.

Please give statements to following keywords:

Cologne: beautiful city to life in

Adlib’s crib: nice little place with lots of flowers

Kut-L: chirps, lotta equipment, real fat remote control, good dj, perfect crib to hang out and watch tv til 5

Madlib: Lord Quas

Needle: Addicts

Broccoli: Disgusting-no sequels

Sopranos: Just when I thought I was out…

Scratchy seal: Is it a bird, is it a plane…no, it’s superseal!

Country music: I heard DJ Chrome enjoys it..

Mr.Stoiber: Who’s that?

Soccer: Glad it’s over…

The toadman: Speed kicks in tha house

House music: Cool if well done, props to DJ Nodough.

Cheese: Dynamike and Tre Styles love it, Adlib hates it and Tobeyer only likes it on pizza.

Words & interview: Harry Hamacher

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