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Wednesday, May 08 2002 | 14:36

Ten years after he entered the British Top 40 with his ravy Sonz of da Loop da Loop Era-12″s, Danny Breaks has finally put together his first real album. After testing the ground with E.P.s like “Dislocated Sounds” the Droppin Science mastermind is coming full circle now. Since Danny has taken a step back from the drum & bass epicenter (when you catch him behind the decks in these days it is more likely to hear him spinning a wildstyle selection of old and new hip-hop, funk and abstract beats rather than the latest d&b choons) one might expect a mixed back of breaks from “Vibrations”. But the album is in fact pure drum & bass from start to end.

“Danny “B-Boy” Breaks has quite possibly knocked together one of the most refreshing tracks of the genre since the 93 to 97 golden era” says DJ Magazine in their “Vibrations” review. Danny himself describes the sound of the album as “a mixture between Barbarella and Forbidden Planet via Bernard Purdie”.

“Vibrations takes you through a wacky but wickedly bass-ical mixture of next-step funk with Latin-style pianos, porno movie swirling flutes, surreal keys and clear as a bell xylophone washes. All tied together with a juxtaposition of serious bass and downright loopy 50’s B-movie sci-fi effects. It’s warm, friendly sounds will appeal to the ears of any taste and you certainly won’t tire of it in a few months”, as DJ Magazine puts it.

Or in other words: it’s drum & bass for music lovers who didn’t follow the music in recent times due to the lack of originality.

“It’s well loungey, and that’s really where my head’s at,” says Danny. “It’s music for kickin’ back, just serious chill music. I call it underwater music. That old sci-fi, floating, crazy sound. Totally what I want to make.”

“Vibrations” will be released on May 21st on Droppin Science

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