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Wednesday, Feb 20 2002 | 23:27

Remixing has always been treated as an artform at G-Stone but twelve interpretations of one song is something else. So my first question has to be: what’s your favourite version ?

“My favourites are the Markus Kienzl, Faze Action and the Organic Audio for playing dancefloors, for listening I very much like the Supatone dubs and the Bigga Bush version. The mixes from the Nylon Guys / Portugal are very good as well.

I know to release an album with mixes of only one song is a bit heavy but I think it works somehow as an album, there is enough variety from the remixers in terms of music styles.”

How did the album develop ? Were you really looking for 12 versions in the beginning ?

“The “Honey” track was featured on the only good radio station here in Vienna called FM 4, so I thought it would be good to do some mixes of the track, and suddenly there were so many on my table and I liked them all, so I had to do an album. And the honey topic was a seducive one in terms of artwork and photos. Please check out our video on www.g-stoned.com- honey can be used in so many ways!!!”

How did you choose your collaborators ?
One thing about remixing is that you never know what people will deliver and if their interpretation will meet with your expectations. But when you commission 12 remixes of one song that are suppossed to make an album you are really working on a project…

“It`s always friendship connections, it feels good to bring in people I have met through my gigs all over the world. And it is always exciting to receive the results. In this case I was quite happy with the results….”

Last but not least there’s the video: how was the shooting? Are there any anecdotes you would like to share with our readers ?

“The shooting was a blast, imagine a photostudio with 4 nearly naked girls full of honey over their bodies, dancing to the “Honey” tracks….it was really fun and it was the first time that I was working with a professional team for a video. It is a quite expensive thing to do, but with the results like this it makes perfect sense…”

(words & interview: Oliver/Olski von Felbert)

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