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Rap local think global: Lone Catalysts J.Rawls and J.Sands (pic.) showcase a whole bunch of new artists from around their way on the “Bringing It Home” album. Rawls himself drops “The Living Soul EP” with Fat Jon (from 5 Deez) as 3582. Read the interview with J.Rawls and catch them all live at the Superrappin tour in Europe.

What’s the concept behind “Bringing It Home” ?

J.Rawls: “It is a concept of fam. J Sands came up with the idea of showcasing all the talent from our areas. We get so many demo cd’s that are good that we wanted to show some love.”

How long did it take to put the album together ?

“Not long at all. Probably 6 months.”

Lone Cats, B.J.Digby and Usef Dinero aside most cats on the album are new names. Can you give us a little info about some of the other emcees and producers ?

“They are all up and coming. Rashad is heavily featured on the comp but he isnt new, he has done work with several major label artists. And he is a major label recording artist with Fo’ Reel/Universal the label Nelly is on.”

How’s the situation for a hip-hop group or artist in Ohio ? Is there a scene with clubs, labels, radio shows ?

“Not much of the above.”

Are there any connections between local old school artists like the Troutmans or the Ohio Players and the hip hop generation ?

“Probably the same love of music. Its strong out here.”

Brothers United Keeping It Affical – I know that the name of your label is dedicated to an old friend of yours. What’s the story behind that ? ?

“Buka is my best friend who is incarcerated right now. We are showing him mad love. He met Sands through a mutual friend and introduced me and J Sands.”

Jason, you are also dropping your 3582 EP with Fat Jon on Hum Drums. Tell us a bit about that project. How did it envolve and why is it released on a German label ?

“We just like to keep stuff coming from all angles. It evolved from me and Jon’s friendship.”

This week the European Superrappin tour starts. What are your expectations and what kind of show will we see ?

“We expect to have fun and to give dope shows.”

3582 “The Living Soul EP” (Hum Drums) is out on January 14th
V/A “B.u.k.a. Entertainment presents Bringing It Home” (B.U.K.A. Ent.) is out on January 21st.

Words & interview: Oliver/Olski von Felbert

This is what Tadah from wrote about “Bringing It Home”:

“The name B.U.K.A. has been introduced. Introduced by Lone Catalysts, part of the Wanna Battle Crew. And the two members represent two hometowns, in J.Rawls case it being Columbus, and J.Sands is resting his head in Pittsburgh. And the two cats stood back for this project, to let others shine, as this is bringing you a selection of what the two towns have to offer, if you dig a little underneath the surface.

But the Lone Catalyst folks can’t completely stay away, as they are adding “On Course” to the mix, that has been released as a Rawkus 12″ a little while ago. And J.Rawls is hooking up one of the best beats on here, with the combination of it and the lyrics done by J.Sands and LG, shows the fine tuning of seasoned artists. Speaking of J.Sands, he produces the dope “North 15212”, that’s then used by Ze Man to spit braggadocios verses as well as shouting out some deserving entities. And on “High Noon” Sands once more comes nice, when he not only patches together the beat, but also spits some verses along with K Mos and DL.

Hence it would be a little exaggerated to say that there’s no need for neither of the Cats to take part in this record. But there’s folks like Rashad, who’s part of the production collective The Drum Society (that also includes J.Rawls and Five Deez’ Fat Jon), and folks like Usef Dinero (that amazed on the Unspoken Heard album), that are taking care of many of the beats, so you know that the production side is in good hands. And it’s the latter who’s responsible for some of the most butter cuts, one of them being BJ Digby’s (aka Holmskillet) “Surrender”, where plush strings are well paired with a Nas voice excerpt. His own track “Misc.” that also features Heimmy D, is featuring plush cloud like sound structures, that are the right platform for these talking about the human diamonds, read ladies, verses.

“Super Soul” by The 3rd, “Hump Day” by J. Flint and hooked up by Geeman, as well as “In/Exhale”, done by Rashad, feature nice jazz vibes, with the latter being one of our favorite tracks on the album, with Afaliah Afelyone adding skillful verses from an estrogen perspective to the record. Another one of our favorites is “Rewind” by Prime, who did everything on this cut, from writing it, flowing over it, producing it, mixing it, etc, etc. But there are too many Prime’s out there, what prevents us from being too sure about which one of ’em this one here is, Prime comes dope, when he some reminiscing, and looking for the rewind button of his life.

If we are forced to mention a couple of tracks that we have a harder time to get friendly with, then we have to mention the Rashad produced “Rhul Ave”, as the beat is as quirky as the first cat’s rhyming voice, or 151’s “Out For Blood”, that’s doing a lot thugging, but that’s doing little new. “Live Cats” by Caleesh is also leaving us rather indifferent, while O.Sharp aka O Shit oka Verbal Kent sounds like he wasn’t too interested to put down his vocals, with his beat on “Who’s The Illest” being cool though. What starts out as being confusing than exposes it’s pattern to you after a couple of listens. Hence you need to be patient with “Rock My Shit” by The 3rd. The same can be said about S.P.I.R.I.T.’s “I Can’t Stand It”, that features a loud but ill Storm beat, with one rapping cat borrowing a little too much from one Shady flow, the content being dope though.

Considering that this compilation is full of artists that have yet been mingling undetected by our radar, they are coming strong, and are not falling prey to many of the obvious rookie shortcomings. Then again, we do get more than plenty braggadocios and sometimes street verses, done in flows that often enough struggle to stand out. But together with the beats the final result leaves no bitter taste. Hence the quality reached with this record might be due to the grooming from the LoneCats, or due to the two carefully picking who they let on this record. Whatever it was, the record is banging, and that’s all that truly matters.”

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