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December 30, 2002


Following hot on the heels of two smash Ubiquity singles, Simone Serritella, one half of the duo, describes their forthcoming "City to City" album as "Pure entertainment prime-time beats with a Brazilian twist." That's about as accurate a description as y

December 30, 2002

Stones Throw is set to release WILDCHILD’s Secondary Protocol (2LP/CD) in April 2003 …

Stones Throw is set to release Wildchild's Secondary Protocol (2LP/CD) in April 2003. The album is produced by Madlib and Oh No, with appearanced by Vinia Mojica, Planet Asia, Aceyalone, Spontaneous, Medaphoar, Percee P, Tha Liks, LMNO, Phil Da Angony, an

December 12, 2002

PBW Interview at …

As a young kid growing up in San Jose, Chris Manak soon realized he needed an escape from the realities of suburbian life in the Silicon Valley. Years later he took on the name Peanut Butter Wolf in the late-80s when he realized that, in an odd turn of ev

December 11, 2002

JUGGLIN’ – Stockholm’s RAW FUSION imprint presents a new sister label …

Jugglin' is the new sub-label of Raw Fusion Recordings which is run by label manager, DJ and club promoter Mad Mats. Based in Stockholm (Sweden), the Jugglin' label will feature the funkier sides of black music with focus on hip hop, soul / r'n'b, funk &

December 11, 2002

DJ PEABIRD got a brand new tool …

Munichs DJ Peabird drop his next battle tool called "Turntable Tuning" in January. Tons of sounds, beats, beep-aaah-freesh and what not. Click on the "more info" button to visit their website!

December 9, 2002

Miles Cleret

Miles Cleret is one of the hard-working people behind Soundway Records. The new Brighton based label starts up with a superb compilation called "Ghana Soundz" (SNDWLP/CD001) exploring lost and obscure 70s Afro beat, funk and fusion from Ghana. Please visi

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December 6, 2002

ROGER RECKLESS & HR. MINUTE are “The Intrudaz”! breakin’new grounds …

Known as the 4 zu 1 hip hop group, Roger Reckless & Hr. Minute breaking new grounds as instrumental musicans called "The Intrudaz". The rising label Solid Pack from Munich shows that it's not only limited to hip hop. Their full length album "Three days in

December 3, 2002

Fire and passion – that’s what TEXAS FUNK is all about …

The fantastic new Texas Funk compilation on Jazzman Records is ready on CD and Vinyl. Two years of hard work have gone into this for you to enjoy not only the fantastic music but the extensive sleeve notes and photographs. Click here to read more about t

December 3, 2002

RE-REWIND! with Madlib, Wajeed and many others …

Ubiquity's classy "Rewind!" coverfest gets a follow-up with a second round of contemporary re-recordings of classic songs of all genres. Before "Rewind! 2" drops in february 2003 the first 12" teaser with exclusive re-production by Madlib with his Yesterd

November 26, 2002

Congratulations go out to SWOLLEN MEMBERS …

Congratulations go out to the Swollen Members, who recently received four MuchMusic video awards for their #1 video "Fuel Injected", from their last album "Bad Dreams" (Battle Axe). Earlier this year Swollen Members were honored with their second Juno Awa

November 26, 2002

BIZ MARKIE in Tony Hawk Pro Skater 4: Tunes to skate by …

The soundtrack of the new Tony Hawk Pro Skater 4 Playstation 2 Game includes the Song "Body Rock" produced by Shorty's Pro Chad Muska featuring the one and only BIZ MARKIE on the mic. The world's best skateboarding game reinvents itself to give users th

November 26, 2002

The LONE CATALYSTS won’t stop …

Lone Catalysts are back from another tour in Europe, featuring: Dante from The Mood & K-Otix. Of course all the shows were off the chain. Now it is time for the NEW. Lone Catalysts have released the new single "Destiny" b/w "The Hustle" and it has been bu

November 26, 2002

COUP D’ETAT signs Akrobatik, Rasco, DJ Fakts One and The Soul Purpose …

Coup d'Etat is pleased to announce four new artist signings. Akrobatik, Boston's finest MC, and one of the major driving-forces behind the city's hip-hop scene. Akrobatik released his debut "The EP" in 2000 to critical acclaim. A frequent collaborator wi

November 26, 2002

Check out MOTION MAN’s Brand New Video for “C’Mon Y’all” …

Paul Laster a.k.a Motion Man, is one of hip hop's most gifted but underrated MCs in the game. Now, after putting in serious studio time, the Bay Area-based MC is dropping his much anticipated debut solo album, Clearing the Field (Threshold Recordings). C

November 26, 2002

Awakea, A Collection of Incidentals by THOMAS CAMPBELL …

Arkitip has put on an exhibition entitled "Awakea, A Collection of Incidentals" by Galaxia's Thomas Campbell at Collette (213 Rue Saint-Honore, 75001, Paris) from the 2nd through the 28th of September. If you couldn't make it, you can always order the boo

November 26, 2002

Ubiquity’s latest signing is Detroit resident JOHN ARNOLD …

Ubiquity's latest signing is John Arnold! Detroit resident John Arnold is one of a new breed of Detroit producers (like peers Recloose and Ayro) making waves with a uniquely Detroit perspective on electronic dance music. Equally happy playing guitar with

November 14, 2002

Nite Safari with GHANA SOUNDZ …

Soundway, a new British label specialising in unearthed and unreleased obscure funk afro rhythms, coming up with the first release "Ghana Soundz". The compilation "Ghana Soundz" highlighting the underground afro-beat, funk and fusion scene in 70's Ghana.

November 14, 2002

News from the RUSH HOUR label front …

News from the RUSH HOUR label front! Just released is the limited 12" Cult Copy by Aardvarck in vintage Detroit techno style (also featured on Carl Craig's album "The Workout"). Watch out for two other limited 12" singles: "Scumbag", a limited 12" by Redn

November 14, 2002

Smokin’ Needles Records will be releasing PHIFE DAWG’s first single for 2003 …

Smokin' Needles Records will be releasing Phife Dawg's first single for 2003! It is yet untitled but will be release January 21st, 2003. It will have Phife feat. Slick & Rose on the A-side, and 4 Da Cream by JAx of Binkis Records on the B-side. Phife and

November 7, 2002

Fat Jon

As the main producer and part of the acclaimed Five Deez crew, Fat Jon the Ample Soul Physician has provided listeners with some of the freshest Hip Hop since the post-golden age of 1994. Maybe in need of a lifestyle change, the former Cincinatti represen

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November 5, 2002

DJ DSL coming with the sound 2002 …

The long awaited debut album "No.1" of Vienna's beat merchant DJ DSL who's now living in Hamburg rocks the stations. Austria's famous FM4 radio station choose DJ DSL's "No.1" as their album of the week. If you like to meet DJ DSL behind the wheels of ste

October 15, 2002

VENUS MALONE on tour with German roots & soul flavoured reggae singer Patrice …

The Munich based neo soul sensation Venus Malone, originally from Columbus, Ohio, is supporting Yo Mama artist Patrice on his "How do you call it" tour through Germany. Venus has just released her debut 12" "Eye On The Prize" on Groove Attack Productions

October 2, 2002

DJ Chrome

Please give us some infos about the solid pack label, who's involved, what were your releases so far, what's next. Please give us a small picture. "Well, the label started out over a year ago. It's mainly run by me, boris a.k.a h.r. minute, who does exc

September 19, 2002


With Needs you have released some outstanding 12"s that stunned the deep house world as well as the jazz community. What's the philosophy behind the Needs sound? How would you define your musical style? "Basically we just consider it as soulful music. A

September 18, 2002

Icecube joins Dr.Dre’s Aftermath and Dre is being sued for the Indian sample in Truth Hurts’s “Addictive”…

Orginal NWA member Icecube who's starring in the box office topping movie "Barbershop" has sigened with Dr.Dre's Aftermath label. Speaking of Dr Dre, he and Ice Cube may have to do something monumental because he is being sued for 500 million dollars.

September 16, 2002

Venus Malone

It's not the kind of place you'd like to spend the rest of your life in. An old courtyard behind Munich concert hall Metropolis, desolate, dilapidated and somehow useless. But Remy Shand doesn't want to get up. He should be going to the soundcheck, accord

September 5, 2002


Super producer J.Rawls is getting busy behind the decks in Cologne this weekend. On Friday 6th, he is laying down the beats for the Superrappin Allstars at the Green Beatz festival (together with DJ Kut-L) and on Saturday 7th, he is playing Soul Power (at

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August 28, 2002


Stones Throw's chief digger is back from another buying trip. Check his latest discoveries but don't get envy. Dig harder instead and check Peanut Butter Wolf's forthcoming Jukebox 45's comp. 01. Markus Kelly - Keep Pushing To The Top (White Eagle) 02

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August 26, 2002

Noisy Stylus

Please introduce yourself and tell us a little bit about the beginning of the Noisy crew. Dynamike: Tre Styles and Adlib met in 1997 and then formed the two-man team called Noisy Stylus. In 1999 Tobeyer officially joined them after visiting Lifeforce'

August 21, 2002

Peshay is back from home: the drum & bass don reinvents himself with “Fuzion”…

Peshay's history in the arena of dance music is well known. The success of his last album 'MILES FROM HOME' released on Island Records in 1999, saw his talent recognised across the globe. Peshay gained the type of publicity that only a select few of the D

August 19, 2002

Introducing Venus Malone: the new neo soul sensation drops her first album on GAP/Upgrade (with a little help from J.Rawls and Fat Jon)…

Born and raised in Columbus, Ohio, Venus Malone came to Munich, Germany four years ago after being casted for a girl group project. The engagement only lasted for a few weeks but Venus quickly made connections with the local soul, jazz and hip-hop scene.

July 10, 2002

Celebrate drum & bass at the Broken_Beatz Festival (Popkomm, Cologne) with Phoneheads, Kabuki, TGM, X-Plorer, Metro and many more…

Germanies leading drum & bass crews are coming together for the biggest breakbeat festival in the Popkomm history. The event takes place at the Alter Wartesaal, the same venue that hosted the legendary first Metalheadz session outside of London back in 96

July 4, 2002

7 Heads

This June 7 Heads made a lot of noise when they released "Live At Home" the album by London based producer Richy Pitch (featuring J-Live, Mr.Complex, Asheru of the Unspoken Heard , Apani B and El da Sensei). With forthcoming releases by BJ aka Homeskillit

June 27, 2002

“Caliwayz”: the new Superrappin 12″ single by Declaime is out now…

Can't get enough of this Illmindmuzik stuff ? Then this one's for you: Declaime drops a brandnew single from his Superrappin solo joint "Andsoitisaid". "Caliwayz" comes as a complete re-recording with new lyrics and production from Oh No. Originally pro

June 24, 2002

7 Heads are coming strong with new joints from BJ aka Homeskillit and El Da Sensei…

It's gonna be another busy summer for Wes Jackson and the cats at Seven Heads. The Brooklyn-based label/mangement/promotion company follows the release of Richy Pitch's "Live At Home" album with a brandnew 12" from BJ aka Homeskillit. The joint is called

June 13, 2002


Alan D.Brown is an international music lover and DJ, known by many through his Cukipapa mails. Every other week I recieve a mail from Alan full of anecdotes about his traveling, his dj-ing and the records he is into. And it's not just me, several hundered

June 13, 2002

Vienna comes to Cologne on June 15th : Dope Noir label night with Waldeck at the Stadtgarten…

Dope live music, noir dj selections, sizzling visuals and all that. A rare live gig by Waldeck (feat. the fantastic Joy Malcolm on vocals and brilliant visuals provided by Bert Hunger), surrounded by DJ-selections from the boxes of the Chin Chillaz and Ra

June 10, 2002

Metalheadz are running tings with a brandnew compilation (including a mix by the one and only Goldikus)…

Simply titled "MDz.02" the headz are back in full effect, unleashing the next in the series of their anticipated compilations, and follow the "Metalbox" from a few years back with a round up of artists who are currently carrying the credentials to record

May 28, 2002

Madlib in the studio with MF Doom: watch out for another Metalfaceinvasion…

Frightened neighbors have reported seeing a strange man in a metal mask running around the hills of Los Angeles. Actually, it's just MF Doom, who came out to the Stones Throw compound recently to work with Madlib on a new album. They were down in Madlib's

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