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Monday, Sep 10 2001 | 11:26
"Love From The Sun" is the new mix-cd from Ubiquity's Andrew Jervis.
The Frisco kid throws a bag full of forthcoming Ubiquity goodies in the mix (including Beatless, As One, Interfearance and Greyboy). We spoke with him about his compilation, the broken beats scene in the USA and of course the sun...

How is the weather in San Francisco this week (just to make us poor folks in rainy Cologne jealous ... )?

"Today, clear and sunny, September and October are the best months to visit San Francisco because the fog that we get mid summer dissappears, we get some amazing sunsets, and some late sunny nights ..."

What is the idea behind the "Love From The Sun" comp ? I heard it was first planned as a promo only release ...

"We threw around all kinds of ideas but decided that it was time to put out our first mix CD and to keep it 100% Ubiquity. Not because we think we're the best or anything, but because we wanted to prove that Ubiquity has gone through many changes over the years musically, and that this is where we are currently at - top quality, eclectic club music from some of the most interesting producers in the business ... some accomplished names, some newcomers. Putting a compilation together like Love From The Sun distances us further from the "acid jazz" tag which one or two people still throw our way."

The backcover says "taste the flavor of late summer nights in San Francisco" - what spots can you recomend for our travelling readers ?

"Ubiquity hosts a monthly party on the last Friday of each month at 111 Minna - this night, as with our annual compilation is called No Categories. If you can't make it on that night 111 Minna has lots of other great nights,
too. Other venues worth checking are the Justice League (on Divisadero), The Top and Galaxy Club (on Haight st), Sixth (on 6th Street), 26 Mix (on Mission St), The Great American Music Hall and Bimbos all have larger shows and regular Dj nights and bars like Dalva and Skylark (on 16th), The Tunnel Top (Stockton), Amnesia, (Valencia), Blind Tiger (Broadway) all have DJs and/or good music selections, too."

Is there a certain scene in the US that digs the Broken Beats/Nu Jazz/Call-it-what-you-want stuff ? When I look back at how long house music had to struggle in the US it must be pretty hard to get peolpe open to the new sound.

"House had a huge following in San Francisco - partly because it's such a European influenced and inhabited city. When I moved here in 1991 there were massive raves happening, which I found bizarre having grown up in the UK and been through that years ago. Anyway, house still has a strong-hold here, as does hip hop - they both have their own scenes and they take up most of what goes on in clubland.
There are also a large group of promoters, DJs, and people generally interested in eclectic clubbing - mixing up the genres and pushing new sounds like nu-jazz broken beat etc. Ubiquity has always tried to do this with our events and releases - I have hosted a radio show for the past 6-7 years pushing the eclectic sound on Friday night from 10-12midnight on kusf, 90.3 FM. There are now two or three other shows also pushing the envelope and magazines like Flyer and xlr8r and labels like Future Primitive and Om with similar goals. As for the rest of the USA, there are pockets if interest in this kind of music in all the major cities ... and people search out stuff on the 'net even if they can't buy it at their own local record stores."

As One, Beatless, Interfearence - many of you recent signings are British. How come ?

"Well it just happened that way! I've known Kirk for a long time and he became available - I've always been a big fan, so it's kind of an honor! Alex and Paul (Beatless) made the first New Latinaires record in our series and completed a few remixes for us. We just stayed in touch and before too long an album deal was on the table. Then finally Paul being one half of Interfearence (what a busy man! one half Beatless, one half Interfearence, and responsible for signing Roni Size, 4 Hero, MJ Cole etc!) we were offered an Interfearence album, too. It seemed to make sense - we have a good following in the UK - why not capitalize on it with some good UK acts.

Also, for many reasons, I think people like to hear what artists from other countries are doing - it's like the grass is always greener or the music maybe more interesting if it comes from another land ... so to have UK artists on a USA label may appeal to the US crowd, too. This next year we will have some (top secret at the mo!) USA acts releasing on Ubiquity to balance things out, I truly believe in making our own scene wether that means in the USA or in San Francisco."

Tell us a bit about the forthcoming Beatless album. It seems to me that headz expect a lot from it ...

"I'm so happy with this record. It's hard to pin down with a tag, but I'm sure it fits the "nu-jazz" concept - with people like Mark De CliveLowe and Jessica Lauren in the credits it has that West London vibe, too. But as it
includes downtempo tracks with Quasimoto (Madlib), vocal tracks with The Daughters from the Sons and Daughters of Lite and an amazing singer called Colonel Red, plus a few clubby moments it's an album that could appeal to a wide variety of tastes. Alex is an amazing programmer and the overall laid-back but forward thinking vibe of the album kind of came naturally - we're really excited for this one."

What else is coming next on the label ?

"Well the As One "21st Century Soul" album is awesome and it drops early November. Also early next year we'll be releasing new material from P'taah, Nobody, John Beltran, Cuica, and believe it or not Joe Bataan! Plus (fingers crossed) some big projets will be announced over the next few months."

Words & interview: Oliver/Olski von Felbert
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