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Monday, Aug 27 2001 | 14:49
Superrappin MC Grand Agent has spend a good part of this summer in our lovely hometown Cologne. We spoke with him about his new hanging ground, the hip hop scene in Germany, the Philly hype and "This Is What They Meant" his collabo with Pete Rock for the forthcoming "Superrappin Vol.2".

You've been hanging out in Cologne for a few weeks now. How do you like the town ?

"I love Cologne, its a wonderful change of pace from Philly and the United States as a whole... Europe is a lot less aggressive than the States and thats a welcome change after 26 years of the same attitude day in and day out."

Tell me about the projects/collabos you worked on since you're here.

"I've done a few things with German artists/producers including Clueso, DJ Chestnut and Playmo all for their respective upcoming albums or singles..."

Can you relate to German hip hop ? Do you "feel" MCs who are rapping in German ?

"I feel quite a few of the beats and flows I've heard both on record and on stage...I've probably been overexposed to Deutscher Rap already in the short time that I've been here....There seems to be a lot going on....Many of the natives who I talk to say they don't feel a lot of the material because they feel the artists are trying to relate too much to the experiences expressed in American Rap. I can't comment on that as of yet, my grasp of the language is very shallow right now but if this is the case, I think in time there'll be German Rap artists who are comfortable just being themselves."

Ursula Rucker gave you a shout out at her gig at Popkomm in Cologne. How do you like her album "Supa Sista" ?

"I haven't had a chance to listen to it yet, though I am proud to say I did receive an autographed copy at that gig...I've been familiar with her and her work for years now and I've always thought to her to be among the cream of spoken-word artists, which isn't easy to be in a place like Philly...the spoken word scene is enormous and talent is abundant."

Artists and producers like Ursula Rucker, Jill Scott, James Poyser, Vikter Duplaix and King Britt are being dubbed the "New Philly Sound"and every label is trying to get a piece of that pie. How do you feel about this as an artist with your own history in the Philly music scene ?

"I feel like everybody can't shine at the same time, and most of these artists and some others not mentioned who are now respresenting Philly for major labels...they know the Grand Agent story well and I'm sure they respect me as an artist....I'm a down-low type cat by nature so it's only natural that I creep into the story will be told in due time."

You did a track with Pete Rock for the forthcoming "Superrappin Album Vol.2". Tell us about the session ! And what is the track like ?

"The session was a great experience for me, the recording process (what I witnessed of it, since I had to break out before the mixdown) was pretty routine, but of all the "known" producers I've worked with, Pete was the most open and willing to just rap and bust it up wit me...I also got the feeling that he knew who he was working with, he really was familiar with my material and that makes a big difference because I feel like I'll have an opportunity to work with him again and we'll have more than just a song in common, we have mutual respect.... As far as the song itself...I'll just call it mildly experimental...a song that grows on you, you have to get into it."

What other projects you are working on right now ?

"Right now I'm working on my life, everything else will fall in place when I'm sure that I'm following my heart of hearts."

Words & interview by Olski/Oliver von Felbert
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