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Wednesday, May 02 2001 | 14:34

Manchester’s FAT CITY crew presents the fourth installment of their MYSTIC BREW. Again it’s blend of everything, compiled with love. No matter if Martin Brew, Matt Triggs and Dave Walker have chosen a country folk track, late 80s acid jazz (a rather obscure choice these days by the way), vintage dancehall, underground hip hop, soul or slick disco grooves “ these boys are funky. Classics and soon-to-be-classics “ here come the tracks:

1. Martin Brew “ Drop The Beat : J.Walkman opens proceedings with a brassy stomper that is anything but pedestrian
2. Deadbeats “ I Can Break It Down : Highly consistent mellow follows from Nottingham who, despite the slacker tag, prove they can still find their way onto the dancefloor
3. Multiscreen “ Sure Shot Goin’ On (Danmass 12″ Mix) : Sprightly bounder from Danmass whose pneumatic overhaul of his Dust & Dust tablemates is springler than a trampoline factory made of jelly
4. Five Deez “ Jerk Anthem : Exclusive ! The rap staple of snakes in the grass broken down over a bluesy lament by the Unspoken Heard / Lone Catalysts labelmates
5. Patsy Gallant “ It’ll All Come Around : Canadian Folk / Country singer who brought us the Latin-jazz-dance-classic Ti Callente displays yet more diversity with this funk edged swinger
6. Yam Yam “ The Spectacle (Mr. Scruff Remix) : Worldly one tree island types benefit from one of our Andy’s finest reworks. An enduring dancefloor classic since ’95
7. Incognito “ Wild And Peaceful (Kenny Dope Mix) : Bluey & Co. meet Kenny Dope and a large dollop of Ronnie Foster, whose ‘Mystic Brew’ refreshes and reinvigorates just like ours.
8. IZIT “ Make Way For The Originals : The early ’90s prescription for eclecticism realised perfectly by Tony Colman, the man who went on to open his own Hospital (records, that is)
9. Cutty Ranks “ The Stopper : Halting dippy dj’s in their tracks Cutty rides a killer riddim for some classic digital dancehall business from back inna 1990
10. People Under The Stairs “ Underground Run : Exclusive discovered in the broom cupboard. Never broadcast L.A. radio session, hear here only !
11. Richard Mc’Donald “ I’m Gonna Love You Just A Little More : An unlikely amalgamation of dubious karaoke vocals, cheese, a slight skank and Barry White
12. Sunburst Band “ Strollin’ : UK House veteran Joey Negro’s deliciously chilled Jive outfit. Don’t think four-to-the-floor, think sit-on-the-floor.
13. Bamboo Soul “ Winterland : Mancunian melancholia from Switch, the label brainchild of Fat City / Grand Central’s blonde bombshell. Riton

“MYSTIC BREW – FOR PLAY” will be released on May 30th 2001. Until then be on the look out for the limited 3 track 12″ “For Play”-taster, featuring an ourstanding rework of CUTTY RANKS “The Cutter” by RAE CHRISTIAN.

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