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Wednesday, Feb 28 2001 | 12:27

On Monday, February 19, 2001 the GRAND AGENT “BY DESIGN” album release party went down in Philly. Here is a special report from the artist himself:

“The Grand Agent Album Release Party was a tremendous success. And, if I may say so, a momentous occassion for all of Philadelphia’s Hip-Hop Community. It was a time to celebrate the harvest of what was sown by countless local artists in timeless labor of love. If I am the son that “Philly” has bore to carry the torch, then so be it.

But, in all honesty, to hear choice Rap music on a Monday night at Club Fluid is no great achievement. For the past four years or so, Mondays has been “held down” by two of Illadel’s braver activists who also happen to be
disc jockeys. DJ’s Rich Medina and Cosmo break shit up regularly on Mondays. The party is officially -and appropriately- known as “The Remedy 215.” In a city dominated by commercial radio, which is in turn dominated by major label “influence,” listening to the radio can and will literally make you sick. However, to hear choice Rap music and be priveleged to see it’s execution at once, one should know that he has attended a special occassion at Fluid -thanks to “The Remedy.”

In recent memory, Outkast, Pharoe Monch, Cali Agents and local heroes Rasheed & Ill Advised have turned the remedy into a special occassion, and on Monday, February 19, 2001, yours truly was added to the growing list of
artists who, having limited options and no other desire than to go to the people first, have found that the place to find them in Philly is at Fluid on Monday nights. Except I already knew ’cause I’m down by law, a homeboy.

Alongside my bandmate/brother/comrades of NAME, Old Man and Mr. Cisum and with some help from the world’s first and only HIP-HOP dance company, “Rennie Harris Pure Movement,” I was priveleged to take part in one of those special occassions at Fluid. And again, if I may be so bold: we tore shit up.”

Jared Lee Taylor / Grand Agent

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