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Thursday, Feb 08 2001 | 15:43

unlimited freestyles out of nowhere featuring exclusive and previously unreleased tracks by rogall, soulpatrol, landslide, domu, space clique, boozoo bajou, les gammas, spinning wheel, druckwelle, meitz, loungechic productions.

Pfarrkirchen, somewhere in the heart of lower bavaria, in the south of germany. Never mind, there are tons of similar small towns and villages in that part of the country. An area that is like the perfect setting for the everyday drama of kids growing up in a pop-cultural wasteland. Enjoying music at least as much as metropolitans of the same age, country-youths sizzling weekend-action consists of either visiting the typical oldies/rock club “ where the record-entertainer has been canning the same old ˜goldies’ in a never changing sequence for more than a generation “ or meeting with your friends at the local gasstation for shooting some cans of beer, or “ which is the ultimate thrill “ you might do both. On the other hand this hopeless scenario plus the typical bavarian stubborness also equips some lunatics with special powers that makes them not to look for the fastest way out but rather to change their local surrounding. Giving proof to a very smart german writer, who came to the conclusion that true creativity always grows in the province, Reinhard Wimmer is a fine example.

It all started in the early 90es when Reini detected a fascination for acid jazz, the dancefloor jazz movement and the accompanying revival of goatees and flares. Soon he began to collect old jazz- and funkrecords and played those to his friends and to a ever growing crowd. That way he met other vinyl junkies just as Marcus Hacker and together they founded the DJ-Team called Spinning Wheel. After having rocked tons of clubs and having organized lots of partys in their area, Reini finally had the idea to establish their own location in an old cinema.

While playing an eclectic mix of rare Funk and Jazz, NuJazz, DeepHouse, Drum’N’Bass and HipHop in a theater-room with a sloping dancefloor and booking DJs only known to insiders to a small town with 12.000 inhabitants sounds like rule number one for the fastest way to bankruptcy, the Bogaloo Club became a success. Originally run by Reinhard Wimmer and his long-time mate and barkeeper Josef Wiesmeier the team was soon completed with the addition of Wolfram Oscar Aichner, who created some vital changes. Since lots of Bogaloos faithfull guests and supporters had to take long road-trips to visit the club, saturday became the main evening and therefore the perfect night for a monthly series called Elephantenrunde (elephant meetings) featuring well known and cutting-edge DJs and bands to add some of that extra flavour. Members of Jazzanova, various acts of Compost-, Infracom!- and Stereo Deluxe Records and more and more guests from foreign countries such as the posse from Viennas most excellent radiostation FM-4 (Makossa, Werner Geier, BTO Spider and DSL) or in demand DJs like Alex Attias, Modaji, Enrico Volcov Crivellaro, Dego, Amalgamations of Soundz, Depth Charge and Kruder & Dorfmeister etc. delivered tearing performances and shook the Bogaloo to its foundations.

All the clubs activities are advertised and later documented on an always updated and posh looking website created by the very talented graphic designer Uli Wolf (who also helds responsible for the artwork of several Spinning Wheel covers). The site soon spreaded the word outside of the region and helped the Bogaloo to establish itself as one of the basic columns of the international NuJazz-scene.

We could go on for ages to list all the peoples names who helped us set up the Bogaloo and who still put so much energy into our common goal. Therefore this compilation is not only a showcase of the clubs musical spectrum but especially a big thank-you to all the friends that keep on working on the phenomenon called Bogaloo every week. XXX-TRA BIG shout-outs and hugs to all the producers and artists who turned in excellent exclusive material for this compilation.

Stefan ˜Phantom’ Rogall “ label owner of No Zession records, member of Sonar Kollektiv and outstanding DJ in one person “ already turned heads with his ˜Gold’-T-Shirt during his first visit at our club accompanying Jazza
novas Jürgen v. Knob
lauch. Hi-Tech with it’s creeping analog bassline, quirky scat-vocals and sharp breaks cutting the air like shuriken is destined to cause even much more turmoil. We all are excitedly awaiting the day the phantom is gonna lend his golden touch again to the decks at the Bogaloo.

Regular and always well received guest at the Bogaloo is Frank
furts sound-mogul, DJ and music journalist Michael Rütten. His Soulpatrol releases “ produced in teamwork with soundsmith and musician-extraordinaire Max Schneider “ already proved that Rütten is capable of spicing all his creative output with some rich soul-additives. Release your mind is no exception to the rule: first you gonna find your feet caught up in a tightly woven maze made of heavy percussion, flying hi-hats and dubby effects before some nicely latin-tinged piano-chords caress your soul.

We have always been fascinated by different styles melted together and therefore supported the current crop of fusion from the beginning. Landslide’s latest releases already caused some serious dancefloor damage over here with their neat, experimental combination of drum’n’bass- and 2step-beats and brazilian harmonics. Subtraction is another irresistible example for that deadly combination and secures him a place on top of the board of drum and anything producers. Tom Land is one of our favourites for sure and we’re eagerly awaiting his DJ-appearance at Bogaloo in the near future.

Another one of Westlondons finest exports Domu aka Domi
nique Stanton is expected to work Bogaloos decks together with Enrico ˜Volcov’ Crivellaro at the Compilation release party. Having released some seriously exciting drum’n’bass on Reinforced first as ˜Static Imprint’ later as ˜Sonar Circle’, his newer works under the name of Domu on 2000 Black, Skindeep and Archive display a sensitivity for jazz/funk harmonics and experimental beats. Beeing another prime example down the line is a tasty melange of futuristic funk breaks, quirky sounds and mellow detroit chords. Look out for the unbelievable Zero Crossing remix coming up on Spinning Wheel Records.

Back to some of our greatest national talents, Space clique is the project of Munich based funk-and breakbeat-freak Jan Weissenfeldt and jazz bass-player Paul Beller. Having already gained worldwide respect as a member of the rare groove band Poets of Rhythm, Weissenfeldt now produces hiphop-instrumentals for Quanum and is part of the Syrup project on Compost. Space Clique started their releases on Spinning Wheel with a rework of the Gary Bartz classic ˜Celestial blues’ in 1998 and caused some heavy dancefloor action with ˜exit#1: luna park’ in 2000. Continue the journey brillantly fuses furiously swinging beats with expressiv and thoughfull vocals by munich jazz-singer Marzenka.

Located nearby but with a completely different musical approach, the dub/downbeat wizzards from Boozoo Bajou, namely Peter Heider and Florian Seybert, hail from Nürnberg. With two critically acclaimed 12es out on Stereo Deluxe, the boys have an eagerly awaited debut album up their sleeves. Imagine pure downbeat niceness with a strong feeling for roots dub but with some unusual vibraphone licks and some moaning blues vocal bits and you get the picture of Down and out.

Another bavarian quality product, Augsburg’s Les Gammas were the shooting stars of 2000 and Germanys hottest NuJazz-exports side-by-side with Jazzanova and Rainer Trüby. Their debut album ˜Exercices de styles’ had earthquake-like effect everywhere and will remain one of the most memorable moments of the passing year. And they’re still getting stronger and stronger with every release and completly deny any pigeonholing: modern soul, boogie, disco, jazz, bossa “ it’s all part of their cosmos. People gettin high features incredible, free-floating flute work and uplifting vocals from our favourite singer Marc Frank “ if you ever saw Les Gammas live and Marc Frank getting up from his drum kit and takin over the mic you know what pure magic is.

Spinning Wheel is especially proud that another musician from Augsburg the german jazz-legend Wolfgang Lackerschidt shares some of his great musical wisdom by adding funky and sparkling vibraphone work to their compilation contribution. This hardboppin’ swinger also sports impressive vocals by up and coming Violetta Parisini from Vienna and units all the musical elements, that we love so much here at Bogaloo: Sunshine in your soul.

From time to time you can meet Klaus Naitana and Vinko Vrabec aka Druckwelle at our club: in an unforgettable back-to-back session with the Bogaloo residents the bosses of the Molar Label straight outta Rosenheim and very agile party organisers revealed to share the same musical roots as we do. Their Slum creeper joint is a fine piece of deep’n’dubby electronica with sweet, subtle organ melodies dropping in and out of the mix and gives a whole other twist to our tribute sampler.

Next up is another one from the headz of Berlins dope Sonar Kollektiv. Volker Meitz, who runs the Airdrops label and scored a hit with his fusion stormer ˜Africa’ last year, already blessed us with a wonderful remix for Space Clique and takes us on a musical tour de force with the experimental Phasen. Starting out as bass-driven funk monster it takes a short trip to the darkside with epic strings before an explosive drum solo launches the last phase of irresistible uptempo bossa nova rythms and some energetic keyboard workout by the very talented Mr. Meitz himself.

Heavy piano chords in a soundtrack style announce the beginning of the last track of our compilation. Provided by another keyboard magician, Philippe Martigny, and his production partner Mario Walser “ together better known as Loungechic Productions “ Laguna city swing is a healthy farewell-kick in the butt with raw blues feeling and screaming organ routines reminiscent of Jimmy Smith. A legendary concert secured the boys from Zürich one of the highest rank in our hall of fame “ just think of that ill bagpipe performance.

You can witness all this and so much more every week at Club Bogaloo.

We rock. Do you?


01. Rogall – High Tech
02. Soulpatrol – Release your Mind
03. Landslide – Subtraction
04. Domu – Down the Line
05. Space Clique – Continue the Journey
06. Boozoo Bajou – Down and Out
07. Les Gammas – People gettin High
08. Spinning Wheel – Sunshine in my Soul
09. Druckwelle – Slum Creeper
10. Meitz – Phasen
Loungechic Productions – Laguna City Swing

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