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Wednesday, Dec 06 2000 | 11:55

Columbus, Ohio

J.RAWLS is on a move! This young cat from Columbus, Ohio got the skills and the beats to leave his mark in 2001 big time. With his long time LONE CATALYSTS partner J.SANDS he gets nothing but love from underground headz worldwide. He is part of the Wanna Battle crew and has worked with cats like Five Deez, Mos Def, Talib Kweli, J-Live, Last Emperor and many others.
Did you check his cut on the new Rubix 12 Thinking Aloud on Phono Synthetic ? Have you heard about the forthcoming LONE CAT 12, the old school club-banger The Place To Be on B.U.K.A. ? If not you should at least have his SUPERRAPPIN solo-12 Check The Clock in your box where RAWLS teamed up with J.SANDS, Pete Rock’s younger brother GRAP LUVA, ATL’s finest MASS INFLUENCE, the mighty MR.COMPLEX and the talented APANI B. This three track single is also the first taster from his album THE ESSENCE OF J.RAWLS that will hit the stores in late February. Take a look at the tracklisting below and you know why we are excited …

At the moment J.RAWLS is in the studio with J-Live and Fat Jon (from Five Deez) working on a new version of Great Life Caper, the forthcoming second single from the Essence album.


01. What You Want Is? -cuts performed by Pase ˜Rude Boy’ from the Five Deez
02. Superhero “ performed by Mass Influence
03. Birds of a Feather “ performed by Top Emcees (J Sands & Heimy D)
04. Elegy (in 3 pts.) “ performed by Rubix
05. Great Live Caper “ performed by J. Live, Cuts by J. Live
06. Meniscus “ performed by DoseOne & Fat Jon of the Five Deez
07. Blue # 2 “ Performed by Home Skill (featuring Charles Cooper)
Saxophone by Charles Cooper
08. Cold Turkey “ performed by Capital D from All Natural & Mr. Greenweedz
Cuts by DJ Nasty Nate
09. Far Away “ performed by Apani B. Fly & Mr. Complex
10. Lone Catalysts (Remix) “ performed by Lone Catalysts
11. Check the Clock “ performed by J Sands & Grap Luva
12. Nommo “ performed by Asheru of Unspoken Heard, Cuts by J Live
13. They Can’t See Me “ performed by J Rawls
Additional vocals by Big June, Tiffany Gregory, Kandice Daniels, Umeka Weber and Ellon Waters
14. Blue # 2 (Reprise) “ Featuring Charles Cooper on Saxophone)

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