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Friday, Aug 25 2000 | 10:10


The Phife footer is about to cause some controversy with “Flawless”, the lead single from his forthcoming solo-joint “Ventilation: Da LP”. Parts of the hip-hop press understand his verses on the Hi-Tek produced track as a comment on the split from his former Tribe Called Quest partner Q-Tip :

“Phife is getting confessional, Dawgy style, over some sparse, dirty funk. It’s paean to authenticity in hip-hop, presenting an ethos in clear contention to Q-Tip’s high flying ways “ while Q dates pop stars in his designer gear, Phife suggests “It’s all about flows, not fashion shows”, boasting he’s “independent like the 4th of July”. Most illuminating is his condemnation for major label people who will, he says, “turn you against your brethren/ It’s the reason me and my former partner don’t talk now”. Fine hip-hop, finer gossip”, Alex Griffiths wrote in London based DJ Magazine writes.

O-Dub from the webzine comes to a similar conclusion: “The big question to this song is whether Phife is calling out Q-Tip on “Flawless”. His slams are nameless and trans-gender (since he’s talking about halter tops and purple bras) but listen to this dis-laced tirade and you gotta cock your head and say..hmm, “go ‘head/play yourself with those ho’ like hooks/sing ballads if it’s all about that Maxwell look…now tell me what you’re rhyming for/this sh*t is all about skills/f*ck a fashion show. Anyway, I’m one of those divisive MF’s so I’m all for a post-Quest dis-war to go down b/t Phife Diggy and the Abstract Poet. Q-Tip might roll with furs now, but I still think he’d fly Phife’s ass in a rhyme squabble.”

“Flawless” hit the stores on 29th August, followed by the the “Ventilation” album on 26th September.

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