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Thursday, Apr 06 2000 | 13:15

OPEN TRANSPORT is a hip-hop documentary made by heads for heads. Everything you always miss with all those corporate hip-hop shows on TV is here. Pure hip-hop, direct and undiluted, filmed and edited with lots of love and understanding for the culture.
Featured artists are Cali Agents, Unspoken Heard, Lone Catalysts, Mr.Complex, Mass Influence, Reflection Eternal, Shawn J.Period, 5 Deez, Mood, Geology, Grap Luva, Pharaoh Monch, Babu and Rhettmatic, Obscure Disorder, Chief Kamachie, J Live, Count Bass Dee, Non Phixion and other cats.

But let’s hear what coinTEL and VOIDone, the makers of OPEN transoprt have to say about their film:

“With the advent of these new technological venues, we hope to bring light to the underexposed: the heads that are slept on, not due to lack of talent, but lack of outlets. Through the creative use of celluloid, and video we plan to help make what was before considered “local” now more readily available globally. In documenting the creative offerings of this underground, grass-roots scene, we intend to accomplish a few goals:

1) Most importantly, to leave a record of some heads who are making unadulterated hip hop music so that the process of their creativity can be shared with their peers, and the masses at large.

2) To produce a video that is innovative in it’s approach to documenting the culture, specifically in the quality of it’s images, graphics, and sound.

Open Transport was conceived as a creative outlet for ourselves. We felt it was a direct way we could be involved in the culture. It’s great to check for shit, but this culture was built on participation and constant building. Our crafts aren’t in the general tradition of the culture, but this is what we do, so this is our offering. We hope it will be a source of inspiration for these artists to keep elevating their craft, thus continuing the exchange.”

OPEN TRANSPORT is 60 minutes long and avaliable in NTSC format only (European heads better check their VCR before ordering the tape).

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