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December 11, 2000

PHIFE DAWG back from the lab with DJ HI-TEK: watch out for the new single “MISCELLANEOUS” in late Feb…

The worldfamous Five Footer has touched ground again with DJ Hi-Tek for the next single from his "Ventilation" album. They cut a brand new version of "Miscellaneous" titled "Hi-Tek's Luv Boat Mix" that will be backed by Supa Dav West's original album vers

December 8, 2000

MODAJI by MODAJI : the first must have album for 2001…

West London/ After becoming one of the hottest boys on the remix block (UFO, Nine Yards, Charlie Watts, Yellow Productions, etc) Modaji returns with his first new material in 12 months, the first single taken from the album being "One and the Same". The

December 6, 2000

LONE CAT beatmaker J.RAWLS brings you the ESSENCE …

Columbus, Ohio J.RAWLS is on a move! This young cat from Columbus, Ohio got the skills and the beats to leave his mark in 2001 big time. With his long time LONE CATALYSTS partner J.SANDS he gets nothing but love from underground headz worldwide. He is pa

November 15, 2000

KARMA on a modified thrillseek with original krautrock elektro godfather KLAUS SCHULZE …

Spectrum Works is proud to release this special edition gem (limited to 1000 copies). After the huge success of Karma's third longplay CD "Modifications", comes this on vinyl previously unreleased modal jazz nugget. Due to popular demand by the German jaz

November 9, 2000


Attack the rap with Groove Attack: DANNY BREAKS is in the studio reworking "The Place To Be", the lead single from the forthcoming LONE CATALYSTS album into a drum & bass tune. Meanwhile in Gelsenkirchen the HOME WRECKERS are busy doing their thing with "

October 19, 2000

DECLAIME moves it to 2001 (with a little help from MADLIB, QUASIMOTO and ROMES) …

DECLAIME's solo-album "Andsoitizsaid" is now scheduled for an early 2001 release. But the lead single from the album -"Move It" - will surely make it to mixtapes and radioshows near the end of 2000. The 4-track 12" ("Move It", Don't Trip", "These Days","A

October 18, 2000

FUSION is dead, long live RAW FUSION! The legendary Stockholm club has reshaped its agenda and moved to a new venue…

We recieved the following mail from MAD MATS CARLSSON: "Hello there! Fusion is dead, long live RAW FUSION! After been struggling with money greedy clubowners at our old venue we have now decided to head our tail to the southern region of downtown Stock

September 21, 2000

PHIFE DAWG debuts at No. 38 on the Billboard Top 100 with “FLAWLESS” …

"Flawless" the lead single from the "Ventilation" album has entered the Billboard Top 100 at No. 38. It also sits at No.11 on the Hot R&B/Hip-Hop charts and is No.4 on the Hot Rap Singles chart.

September 4, 2000


Meet Mutty Ranks at

August 25, 2000

Is PHIFE DAWG calling out Q-TIP on his new SUPERRAPPPIN single “FLAWLESS” ? Read all about it…

Atlanta/Hollywood The Phife footer is about to cause some controversy with "Flawless", the lead single from his forthcoming solo-joint "Ventilation: Da LP". Parts of the hip-hop press understand his verses on the Hi-Tek produced track as a comment on th

August 16, 2000

Limited AFRO BEEDLE STRUT under the counter ….

London/ Watch out for a limited promo run of Ashley Beedle's brand new edit of Max B's afro funk gem "Bananaticoco" out on Strut. The original version of this track will be featured on the compilation "Club Africa 2" - again compiled by Russ Dewbury.

August 16, 2000

17th August: VIKTER DUPLAIX live at the OVUM Party at POPKOMM in Cologne ….

Philly/Cologne HONOLULU UNITED have done it again: VIKTER DUPLAIX will give his European live debut at the OVUM party at this years POPKOMM in Cologne. VIKTER will perform live alongside DJ-Sets by KING BRITT, JOSH WINK, DIXON and TIEFSCHWARZ. OVUM THE

August 14, 2000

STRUT do it again: “CLUB AFRICA 2” compiled by Russ Dewbury hits the stores on 4 September…

London/ From the team that brought you the seminal Africafunk compilation (Harmless 1998) and Club Africa (Strut 1999), Strut presents a brand new instalment of quality Afro originals compiled by Russ Dewbury of Brighton's legendary Jazz Rooms. The re

August 14, 2000

PHIFEDAWG.COM ready to ventilate ! Mutty Ranks launchs his website on Thu 31th August …

Atlanta/New York The website will feature tons of info on the Five Footer, interviews, pictures and news. A central topic will be his forthcoming solo-debut "Ventilation: Da LP" on Superrappin. The album drops on 26th September and has been produced by H

August 14, 2000

New waxolution: GROOVE ATTACK distribute TOMMY BOY vinyl in Germany…

Starting with the De La album Tommy Boy (EastWest) vinyl will be exclusively distributed by Groove Attack in Germany. Tommy Boy is the fifth hip-hop major label that uses Groove Attack Distribution for their LPs and 12" singles. The other four are Four Mu

August 2, 2000

DECLAIME has finished his album for SUPERRAPPIN ! “Andsoitizsaid” will hit the stores in early 2001 …

The 17 track strong album is an unbelievable dope walk trough the mind of the Lootpack affiliated Emcee. The majority of the tracks are blessed by the beats of mad scientist Madlib who comes up with joints that are even iller than his production on the Qu

August 2, 2000

The NME stands true to it’s name and makes VIKTER DUPLAIX’s “Manhood” Single Of The Week…

London/ "Post-Timbaland beat'n'synth stabs explode like a barrage of flashbulbs ouside the right kind of nightclub, as Duplaix's silky vocal twists and coos around every starteld note of this ueber-modern sultry soul concoction. It winks in the directions

July 3, 2000

MR.COMPLEX complete ! The Newyorikan emcee tells his story with a backcatalog-cd in radio show format…

New York/ Hosted by Emmo and James "DL" Ellision and mixed by the mighty Crossphader, the "Complex Catalog" features every release by MR.COMPLEX from 94-99 plus some never released gems. Featured artists are Lee Stone, DJ Spinna, Pharoahe Monch, Prince Po

May 30, 2000

From STRESS to JUJU WAX ! The Swedish hip-hop label had to change it’s name due to copyright problems…

Malmoe/Cologne Stress records, the home of Timbuktu is know called JuJu Wax. The label had to make this move because another label had already copyrighted the name "Stress". Meanwhile, Timbuktu, the label's main artist is busy promoting his two 12" single

May 11, 2000

A long GAP summer with IG CULTURE, LONE CAT, NYO, NEEDS, ONO SENDAI, J.RAWLS and others …

Cologne/all over the world As temperatures are rising we have a bag full of records lined up for release in May and June. Some of them have been around for a good while on plate or promos, others have just been finished yesterday. Release dates may differ

May 11, 2000

EDDIE ILL & D.L. join forces with SUPERRAPPIN! Watch out for “The Maxed Out Single” in July…

New York/Cologne The mixtape dons Eddie Ill and D.L. have put together a firing three track EP for Superrappin featuring nine MCs, three producers and two DJs ! 1.Kwest feat. Truth Enola "Misue" produced by R.Thentic, scratches by DJ Crossphader 2.I.G.

April 6, 2000

Who needs MTV ? Take OPEN TRANSPORT ! Triple cool independent hip-hop documentry on VHS hits the stores….

OPEN TRANSPORT is a hip-hop documentary made by heads for heads. Everything you always miss with all those corporate hip-hop shows on TV is here. Pure hip-hop, direct and undiluted, filmed and edited with lots of love and understanding for the culture.

April 5, 2000

FAT CITY lounge heavy ! Special brewed top notch US hip-hop compilation in the pipeline…

Manchester/ Following their highly acclaimed "MYSTIC BREW" series, the FAT CITY boys from Manchester have put together a premium blend selection of pure and undiltued independent hip-hop called "HEAVY LOUNGIN". It's true that the market has recently been

April 4, 2000

FAR OUT still in love! Get ready for “BRAZILIAN LOVE AFFAIR VOl.2″…

Rio/London Recorded in Rio, mixed in London - "Brazilian Love Affair Vol.2" gives you a little of what FAR OUT does best. Ignoring traditional boundaries and stimulating fresh ideas - a compilation showcasing Brazilian music today. The album is an intro/r

April 3, 2000

IG CULTURE and MEGASHIRA attack the rap ! The much sought after remixes of J-88 and LOOTPACK get finally released on GAP…

Detroit/Oxnard/London/Hanau/Cologne Due to popular demand the white label 12" "RAPATTACK VOL.1"(GAP 058) with leftfield versions of original SUPERRAPPIN tracks gets an offical release on 3 May. IG CULTURE has radically reworked the J-88 track "Get Togethe

March 29, 2000


Hamburg/ Recorded live at the 1999 X-Mas Jam at the Markthalle in Hamburg the CD brings together the EIMSBUSH allstar clique. ABSOLUTE BEGINNER, DYNAMITE DELUXE, FERRIS MC, ILLO 77, DIGGER, D-FLAME, DOPPELKOPF, MR.SCHNABEL and DJ STYLEWARZ perform their h

March 28, 2000

DECLAIME in the studio ! The Lootpack affilate works on his debut album, tentatively titled “Soundscapes: Andsoitisaid”.

Las Vegas/Cologne CDP Assassins member DECLAIME is currently busy with MADLIB laying down tracks for his album on SUPERRAPPIN. Stay tuned for more news on this...

March 24, 2000

B.U.K.A. drop the gems ! Watch out for new 12″s by LONE CATALYSTS, J.SANDS and MAKEEBA MOONCYCLE in April 2000.

Colombus/ The Ohio-based label run by the LONE CATS J.RAWLS and J.SANDS come with three red hot 12" singles: LONE CATALYSTS "Politix", J.SANDS "Won't Stop"(produced by MOOD, GEOLOGY and GEEMAN) and MAKEEBA MOONCYCLE "Judgement Day" (produced by J.RAWLS an

March 23, 2000

Here comes STRESS ! The new Swedish hip-hop label signs with Groove Attack Distribution…

Malmoe/Cologne Founded in May 1999 by Jason Diakite, Mons Asplund,Attila Galaczy and Marten Sakwanda STRESS records finally stepped on the scene with the "Conspiracy" 12" by TIMBUKTU. The STRESS formula is simple: take dope hip-hop, bring it to the record

March 22, 2000

PHIFE DAWG in the studio with HI-TEK, PETE ROCK and JAY DEE ! “VENTIALTION” drops this summer on SUPERRAPPIN…

Atlanta/New York/Detroit/Cologne Mutty Ranks is busy working on his first solo-album after the Tribe break-up. So far PHIFE has laid down tracks with HI-TEK, PETE ROCK and JAY DEE. There is still stuff to be done (like a collabo track with SLUM VILLAGE) b

March 21, 2000

RASCO and PLANET ASIA are CALI AGENTS ! Watch out for their first album on POCKETS LINTED/SUPERRAPPIN in late May…

Bay Area/Cologne The Bay Area super emcees RASCO and PLANET ASIA have joined forces as CALI AGENTS. After their dope 12" collabo "Good Life" they have now completed the CALI AGENTS full-length album "HOW THE WEST WAS ONE". The album is set to become one o

March 20, 2000

NECRO goes PSCYHO + LOGICAL ! The Missin’ Linx/Non Phixion/Cage producer starts new label …

New York ill kid NECRO has tracks by AL TARIQ (Ex-Beatnuts, Missin' Linx) and ILL BILL (Non Phixion) ready for his new PSYCHO + LOGICAL. NECRO himself has also stepped on to the mic for a track called "I Need Drugs" an "answer" version to LL Cool J's "I N

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March 17, 2000

J.RAWLS goes SUPERRAPPIN solo ! The Lone Catalysts producer has signed with GAP for his first solo-album …

Columbus, Ohio/ Super Producer J.RAWLS has just started the recordings of his first solo-album. It will feature a who-is-who of todays most promising MCs like All Natural, Apani B Fly MC, Asheru, Capital D, Dose One, Fat Jon, Grap Luva, Home Skillit,J-Liv

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March 17, 2000

VAN DELTA go digital ! The Cologne based duo release their first cd “Studio Reality” on 17 April …

Cologne H.Wenner and C.Klos (also known as MONOPHACE) present their unique blend of techno soul for the first time on cd. "Studio Reality" sums up the first three 12" EPs "EP No.1", "Second Entertaining" and "Buildings & Remixes". Remixes by Move D (Sourc

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March 17, 2000

New VAN DELTA EP featuring remixes by UPTIGHT, HANS NIESWANDT and MOVE D …

Cologne/Vienna/Heidelberg. The new VAN DELTA single "Buildings" has been remixed by Heidelberg's advanced techno godfather MOVE D (Source). The EP also features versions of two VAN DELTA classics: "Enlargen" has been re-rubed by Vienna's dowmbeatmeisters

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March 17, 2000

EDDIE ILL and DL go PSYCHOSYNTHETIC. The Brooklyn mixtape dons start new label …

New York. EDDIE ILL and DL best known for their A2B mixtapes have tracks by GAUGE, CELLA DWELLAS, SPECIAL ED, RUBIX, J.RAWLS, EDDIE BROCK and I.G.OFF & HAZADOUS under their belt. The first 12" single GAUGE feat.PHANTASM + SPECIAL ED "Insane/Bring It To M

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March 17, 2000

Rare TONY ALLEN back on track ! STRUT re-release four classic solo-albums of the former Fela bandleader …

Lagos/Tokyo/Paris/London Crate diggers beware ! The British top ace re-issue label STRUT puts four rare albums of the longtime drummer and bandleader of Fela Kuti's Africa 70 back on the shelves again. "Progress" , "Jealousy", "No Accomondation For Lagos"

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March 9, 2000

LONE CATALYSTS and J-LIVE are SUPERRAPPIN. The Ohio-based duo drop the 12″ “DYNOMITE” featuring J-LIVE this June …

Ohio/New York/Cologne. Emcee J.SANDS and producer J.RAWLS have hooked up with New York wordsmith J-LIVE for their debut SUPERRAPPIN 12" entitled "DYNOMITE" b/w "IT'S ALL SO CLEAR" (GAP 061). The 12" will hit the stores on 26. June 2000. LONE CATALYSTS hav

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